PowerUP is a 6-week workplace empowerment program.  Part workout, part meditation, and part assertiveness training, each session will leave participants feeling more powerful and confident in themselves, their lives, and their work.  Workouts are centered around self-defense techniques to further increase participants’ confidence in their physical power.  After 6 sessions, participants prove their power to themselves by breaking a board, and earn a PowerUP Basic certification.

Further certifications can be earned by completing each of the 3 advanced PowerUP programs: PowerUP: Voice, PowerUP: Body, and PowerUP: Mind.  Each of these 6-week programs is a deep dive into its respective subject matter.  Completion of each 6-week program earns its respective certification, and completion of all 3 plus Basic earns particpants a PowerUP  Master certification.

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Introducing PowerUP!

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