What makes a Culture of Safety Kids’ karate program different? 

Our karate classes for kids focus first on the kids, then on the karate.  At Culture of Safety Dojo and Wellness Center/Jin Sei Ryu Chicago, we know that each child comes to us with their own unique strengths and challenges. For one child, they may struggle with flexibility and coordination, but have excellent focus and discipline. Another may have excellent physical abilities, but struggle with discipline or focus. Some kids might struggle with self-confidence, or emotional regulation.  A child may be developmentally “behind” based on multiple (arbitrary) benchmarks, or “ahead”.  Regardless of their individual strengths and challenges, all children deserve the chance to learn and grow, and all children deserve the chance to face their challenges in a supportive and encouraging environment.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to teaching that best supports every child. Instead of choosing one method (and watching while some children fall through the cracks), our karate classes for kids allow us to work individually with each child and their family to assess what is the best class to support their needs.

In addition to increased coordination, fitness, strength, and flexibility, our karate classes for kids also support our young students’ inner lives and mental and social development.  Through Sensei Amy’s background in social work and Senpai Kyren’s background in mindfulness, together we create a space ripe for supporting kids as they practice important life skills: asking for what they need, standing up for others, mindfulness of space, how to handle strong emotions, and more! All of our classes are LGBTQIA+ affirming and neurodivergent-friendly.


Karate Classes for Kids at all Ages and Stages

We know that each student is different and may require more (or less) support. For this reason, our age/grade divisions are guidelines.  Each program has slightly different expectations in terms of what they need to learn to progress in rank and how they show it.

Younger Kids

Peewees– Generally best program for 4-5 year-olds (or pre-K and K)

Juniors – Generally best program for 6-7 year olds (1st-2nd grade)


Older Kids  & Pre-Teens

Youth – Generally best program for 8 & 9 year olds.

Pre-Teens – Generally best programs for 10 – 12 year olds.  Senior Pre-Teen students have the option of becoming volunteers to support the younger kids classes.


Generally for ages 13-18. These classes are alongside either the adult or Pre-Teen classes. Pre-Teens and Teens may train in the same class, but they follow different curriculum (teens follow the same “senior” curriculum that adults do, and pre-teens follow the “junior” curriculum that younger children do).  As pre-teens transition to teens, we will have a discussion with their teachers, the student, and the caregivers to talk about the timing of their transition to the senior curriculum.

Adult & Teen classes and are done in a format that creates structure for adults and teens to interact safely and with appropriate boundaries in fun, and mutually supportive ways. Teens have the option of  to become volunteers to support younger kids classes.

What if my child has done karate or another martial art before? 

Welcome! We’re always happy to support children who have trained in other arts. Reach out to us directly (info@cultureofsafetychi.com) and we’ll have a conversation to assess what class options are the best fit for you.

What are the costs?

We are committed to equity and transparency. We offer tiered pricing for students of all ages, and steep discounts for multiple members of the same household who have financial need.

Over time, there are additional costs for uniforms  (approximately $50), and promotion test fees ($35 in most cases). We will always be clear about costs and expectations.

Additionally,  there will be annual international membership fees ($12 each).

Part of our commitment to equity means that we work hard to not turn people away because they can’t afford karate. We do our best to work with you to find a way.   If you have financial need, start by filling out the form below to schedule a free trial class. After your trial class, we will send you a financial aid form to fill out so we can support you further.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested!