trauma-informed bodywork  · neurodivergent friendly  · LGBTQIA/trans-affirming

I’m queer, non-binary/trans and neurodivergent. I’m also a trauma survivor. These aspects of my identity and experience inform and shape my approach to shiatsu massage, which centers accessibility for people of all bodies and minds. Whether you thrive on deep and firm touch or are touch-sensitive, my goal is to create a session that supports the needs of the person on the mat in front of me. 

My goal is to support each client in discovering and expressing their authentic selves through mindfulness of body and breath. Through releasing layers of tension stored deep in the body, freedom and space from the overwhelm of life becomes more possible. I work collaboratively with each client to help them identify their own health and healing goals. I center client consent at every step of the process.

My approach to Shiatsu is informed by not only my formal training in Zen Shiatsu Bodywork, but additionally by over a decade of trainings, certifications, and practice teaching karate, self-defense, meditation, boundary-setting and de-escalation skills and more through a trauma-aware, queer and trans-affirming, and intersectional lens.

As someone who uses their body for a living, I understand the importance of making your living without causing yourself pain. As someone who is also a movement enthusiast I am dedicated to supporting each person in finding ways to explore the activities that are important to them in a way that is healthy for their body. Whether you are a movement professional, a movement hobbyist, or someone looking for an opportunity to re-center and be present with their body, I’m here to help.


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My Specialties

  • Recovering from burnout and emotional overwhelm and conditions that arise from this (chronic tension, digestion, insomnia)
  • Digestive support for problems originating from chronic stress and tension
  • Pain relief for active individuals living with chronic pain (athletes, martial artists, movement professionals)
  • Stress and tension/pain management for people who use their body for a living: day-laborers, service industry professionals, and others who use their body for a living.
  • Support through recovering from trauma and emotional overwhelm, especially for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent folks

I also offer cupping, moxibustion, guasha, and East Asian Medicine lifestyle consultations as supplements to my Shiatsu practice. I always work collaboratively with each client to determine which modalit(ies) will best work for each client.


What have clients said about Shiatsu with Kyren?

“Kyren’s empathetic nature made for a very natural dialogue. It was easy to talk, and then find what I was actually trying to say. The process was an exchange. It was collaborative. Refreshing!”

“[Kyren was] able to adapt to my body’s needs with respect for me & with confidence. Actively sought my feedback & listened. Gentleness & soothing tone of voice supported me…”

“[Kyren] makes me feel cared for, seen, heard, and respected. 🙂 ”

“Although I was feeling stressed & uncomfortable, Kyren was able to get parts of me to relax, which felt like a little miracle.”

“[Kyren’s strengths are] respect, conscientiousness, a welcoming and thoughtful spirit, knowledge of the body and its needs.”

“[Kyren] really helped me see a deeper layer of my healing!”

“I long to be open to knowledge and experiences beyond my current knowledge. These sessions really helped me and I want to continue down the path of Shiatsu for healing mind and body.”


My journey to Shiatsu Massage

My journey to supporting others in healing from physical and emotional pain began in my 20s when I injured both my knees while enjoying an active hobbyist life. I had been running, enjoying kickboxing, tai chi, and had newly started a karate practice when overuse led to both crippling pain and remitting collapse of the muscles of both knees. I sought medical treatment and was told I was experiencing the beginnings of osteoarthritis in both of my knees due to a combination of muscular imbalances and overuse.

All that mattered to me at the time was that not only was I unable to walk up and down stairs without crippling pain, but I could no longer do the activities that brought me joy. Depression and feelings of isolation quickly ensued. Desperate to return to activities, I attended physical therapy. A model client, I actually did all the exercises at home for months. But my recovery plateaued. The pain had abated to an extent, but the imbalances and weaknesses remained.

So, I sought help from a chiropractor friend who recommended both chiropractic adjustments and regular massage treatments. It was years before my knees healed and grew strong enough to leave behind the knee supports. But through regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, my knees finally did heal and I was able to resume my full-throttle movement lifestyle.

But this experience stayed with me. As I deepened in my movement practices (at the time primarily karate and strength training),  I found myself moving towards the physical for a career path. As my love for physical movement grew, so did my desire to share it with others. I finished up my PhD program in the humanities…. and then quickly pivoted to becoming a full-time martial arts and self-defense instructor.

I dove deeper into mindfulness-based practices, particularly samatha meditation, and eventually began teaching under the Samatha Foundation of North America. The samatha practice further deepened (and continues to deepen) my relationship with my body and its capacity for healing and growth.

Finally, the moment came when I realized the next steps for me as a movement professional were for me to deepen my knowledge of healing for the sake of others. I had learned how to move the body skillfully and had gained many tools for helping myself heal and strengthen over the years. But as a consummate teacher, I again desired to share with others. And so I pursued training as a massage therapist, specifically a shiatsu therapist. I attended school at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and completed their 715-hour certification program in late 2022 and have been practicing since.

The tools I learned have transformed my life and I look forward to watching them transform your lives as well.

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