Support our Mission-Based, Values-Led Small Business

Would you like to show your support for Culture of Safety?  We’d love that!  We gratefully accept the support of our community.  As a small business trying to make a difference in our community, we know that we can’t do it alone — nor would we want to!  Below are ways to support us:


Ongoing Gratitude for our Early supporters

We are so grateful to the help we received as we got our nascent business off the ground in 2019.  While it may be (usually) just the two of us in front of the class right now, we never forget that without the support of our community, Culture of Safety would have never been born.  Our deepest gratitude goes to the folks below for their support in our 2019 Fundraiser:

$500+ Supporters:

  • Dory West
  • Yudit Sidikman

$100 – $499 Supporters:

  • John & Rosemary Epperson
  • Jackie Bastow
  • Wendy Doniger
  • Camille Rosewright
  • Wai-Kwong Kwok
  • Claudia Graziano

$1 – $99 Supporters

  • Brett Schatzle
  • David Egan
  • Sam Boyer
  • David Doiron
  • Karen Collett
  • Joyce Mende Wong
  • Joy Wiliamson
  • Darla Bolon
  • Mona MacDonald
  • Ellen Krause-Grosman
  • Cynthia Dieden
  • Shelley Miller
  • Beth Capotosto
  • Cathy Chapaty
  • Martha Thompson
  • Carrie Slack
  • Cori H.
  • Brieanne Beaujolais

In-Kind Donors

Huge thanks to the following for donating very valuable goods & services:

Supporter Mark Hubert of Picture Day poses with Amy & Kyren