Want to help your child explore competition, set goals and challenge themselves in a healthy way? Jin Sei Ryu Chicago is hosting its first ever Kids & Teens Karate Tournament. Through preparing for tournament, we focus on helping each child find their strength, courage, focus, and discipline. Every child leaves with a participant medal for every event they enter. Every child leaves with a greater sense of self-confidence and mastery of their material. Whether your child is competitive by nature, or shy & reserved, we will meet your child where they are and help them move to their next level of karate greatness.

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Tournament Date, Fees, and Eligibility

The tournament will be at Culture of Safety Saturday June 1, 2024 (specific times TBD based on how many people register). You must register by of May 4th to enter. We will not have regular classes on June 1st.

The Tournament is open to all kids and teens (ages 4-14). You can sign up for as many events are you’re eligible for. We will group kids by approximate age and rank (belt color) for kata and sparring/technique shiai. For Board breaking, we will group kids by approximate size/weight and rank.  We encourage everyone to register for as many events as they are eligible, even if something feels scary or hard. As one of our students told us after a broad breaking workshop, “I was really scared. But I did it anyway….and then I felt really good afterwards.”

The fees for registration are as follows: 

  • $35 Standard Rate for one event, $45 for 2 events, $55 for 3 events
  • $45 Supporter Rate for 1st event, $60 for 2 events, $70 for 3 events
  • $20 Reduced Rate for 1st event, $30 for 2 events, $40 for 3 events

We ask that you choose the highest tier that is affordable for you.


Tournament Events

  • Kata  (open to all ages and ranks) This event is appropriate for all ages and levels! Practice your deep stances, strong punches and blocks and loud kiai while performing your most advanced kata in front of supporting Black Belt judges.
  • Sparring and Technique Shiai (open to all ages and ranks)
    • Technique shiai/Shadow sparring – (all ages, White Belt through Advanced Green Belt). This event is appropriate for everyone. In this interactive and fun event, you create a flow of kicks, punches, blocks and other strong moves pretending to spar with a classmate. There will be a partition between partners so there is no contact for this event. Your partner will inspire you to keep moving for 30 seconds to a minute. Show your strong karate spirit! Judging is based on how strong your techniques are, and your endurance. Extra points are awarded for entertainment value!
    • Point Sparring (Youth Brown Belt and up)- In this light-contact event, kids will score “points” on each other with controlled punches and kicks to the torso. Students will wear the same gear they wear for sparring including mouth guards, hand and foot safeties, helmet, and groin protection or chest protectors (if relevant).
  • Board Breaking (open to Youth Yellow Belt and up, Teens Blue belt and up). In this exciting event, students will practice breaking 1/2 inch or 1 inch boards. Everyone gets one try to break each board (single elimination).  All participants will break using a downward hammerfist to start.  There will be 3 rounds. The winner is determined by who breaks the most boards. This event is only open to student who have broken a board in one of our workshops. We will have a board breaking workshop within a few weeks of the tournament for anyone who wants to practice or learn how to break a board.











Kids & Teens Tournament Registration
This is the registration form for the Kids & Teens Karate Tournament to be held Saturday June 1st. This event is only open to current Jin Sei Ryu Karate students. To register more than one student (in a household), you will need to fill out a separate form.
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Even if you think your child or Teen might test for rank promotion before the Tournament, please enter their current rank. We will update the roster closer to the Tournament day