Empowerment & Self-Defense Classes for Companies of all sizes

Culture of Safety offers empowerment-based self-defense classes for companies.  Most of the offerings on our Empowerment & self-defense class for groups can be offered in a workplace setting, but the following classes were specifically developed with companies in mind.  Whether it’s empowerment self-defense, workplace communication, or mindfulness classes you’re looking for, we can craft a training for your team that is both fun and useful.  Depending on the program and your needs, classes from Culture of Safety can be a fun perk for employees, or a way of increasing your team’s engagement and job satisfaction.  Below is a list of popular formats just for workplaces — let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work to meet your needs and your staffs’.

PowerUP Self-Defense Classes


PowerUP programs are designed to increase workplace engagement by giving employees the tools to feel safe, strong, and self-confident in the workplace.

Participants in a company self-defense program show off the boards they broke

PowerUP Basic is a 6-week workplace empowerment program.  Part workout, part meditation, and part assertiveness training, each session will leave participants feeling more powerful and in charge of themselves, their lives, and their work.  Workouts are centered around self-defense techniques to further increase participants’ confidence.   At the last session, participants break boards and earn their PowerUP Basic certification.

Further certifications can be earned by completing each of the 3 advanced PowerUP programs: PowerUP: Voice, PowerUP: Body, and PowerUP: Mind.  Each of these 6-week sessions is a deep dive into its respective subject matter.  Completion of each 6-week program earns its respective certification, and completion of all 3 plus Basic earns participants a PowerUP  Master certification.  Participants will typically earn PowerUP Master certification in 6 – 8 months.

Communication, Connection, and Safety in the Workplace

Series or single session

This highly interactive, trauma-informed, strengths-based 6-hour training includes paired exercises, role plays, and physical self-defense skills with the goal of enabling each participant to fully experience their own emotional and physical strength, enhancing their personal safety both at work and in everyday life.

This 6-hour training is ideally offered as two half-day retreats, and includes training in communication skills, recognizing and responding to power dynamics, and emergency-level physical self-defense skills.  The result is an improved organizational culture and employees who connect more authentically in the workplace.

Mindfulness Classes

Series or single session intro

Does your staff need a way to unplug during the workday and find a sense of inner calm?  Research shows that mindfulness practices decrease stress and anxiety, increase productivity, and increases overall satisfaction.  Offering a 6-week, 12-week, or ongoing mindfulness training to your employees is a great way to increase employee engagement.

 De-Escalation for healthcare staff

Single session

Healthcare professions see more workplace violence than almost any other.  This short, affordable training uses hands-on practice to increase workers’ ability to notice when someone is potentially going to escalate, to de-escalate a situation when possible, and defend themselves if necessary.  Customizable for healthcare or social service settings.  NorthShore University Health System partnered with Culture of Safety to offer this de-escalation training to all of their ED and Immediate Care staff.  Note that rates are higher than our standard rates for this training due to greater staffing requirements.

Empowerment self-defense

Single session

At least 75% of assaults against women come from someone they know.  This single-session training gives participants tools to physically defend themselves if necessary, and also increases participants’ ability to prevent violence against them, regardless of the source.

Customized Workplace Communication Trainings

Series or single session

Today’s workplace relies on open communication and mutual respect between people who may come from very different backgrounds.  Often, tension can arise from simple miscommunications.  If left unaddressed, these tensions can escalate and result in higher turnover & decreased engagement.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase employee engagement, enhance communication in your team, or increase the creativity that your team brings to the table, Culture of Safety can work with you to understand the barriers that are holding things back, address the challenges you’re facing and take your teams’ productivity to a new level.  Our interactive and informative trainings will help your team break out of unhelpful patterns and move together towards their common goal.  Every team is different, so contact us to start the conversation.