So how does Empowerment Self-Defense help employee engagement? Because one of the fundamental things we teach is how to communicate assertively. And when you know you can say no to what you don’t want, and ask for what you do want, you free up so much mental space. When you know you have the power to set boundaries and have them respected, you can trust your colleagues more — and learn earlier on who isn’t trustworthy.   And in turn, you become more trustworthy. Not to mention, when employees have the confidence and fearlessness to handle routine boundary violations themselves, they free up HR to handle the truly untrustworthy ones. Who doesn’t want relaxed, trustworthy colleagues? Ok, that was rhetorical. Here’s the real question: How do you think empowerment self-defense contributes to employee engagement?

How Empowerment Self-Defense helps employee engagement
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One thought on “How Empowerment Self-Defense helps employee engagement

  • March 6, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Inquiring about a off site corporate self defense class for women. Preferably 4/20. Estimated 30 attendees or less.


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