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Restorative Shiatsu Workshop

Saturday, January 20th 6-8pm

Learn this therapeutic practice for yourself and others! In this 2-hr workshop, learn practical self-care skills to treat yourself and hands-on Shiatsu techniques to work on another person.

Beginners are welcome. Practice new Shiatsu techniques to build your healing repertoire. Expand your embodied awareness. And experience the deep therapeutic psychological and physiological benefits of Shiatsu.

This workshop includes:

  • Meridian Yoga
  • Acupoint and meridian self-treatment
  • Knowledge of Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements
  • Exchanging Shiatsu treatment with a partner for restorative healing

Led by Katarina Stanisavljevic, CP, LMT of Living Centered Assisted by Kyren Epperson, PhD, CP, LMT

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Restorative Shiatsu Workshop - Saturday January 20th 6-8pm