Want to help your child explore competition, set goals and challenge themselves in a healthy way? Jin Sei Ryu Chicago is hosting its first ever Kids & Teens Karate Tournament Saturday June 1, 2024. Registration will formally open in March (deadline of May 4th). Through preparing for tournament, we focus on helping each child find their strength, courage, focus, and discipline.

Every child leaves with a greater sense of self-confidence and mastery of their material. Whether your child is competitive by nature, or shy & reserved, we will meet your child where they are and help them move to their next level of karate greatness. All participants will receive a medal celebrating their participation.

The Tournament is open to all kids and teens (ages 4-14). In addition to supporting students in classes, we will have additional workshops and special intensive day camps over the coming months for kid and teens wanting to dive more deeply into tournament preparation. Each child can sign up for as many or as few tournament events as they like.

Tournament Events

  • Kata – appropriate for all ages and levels!
  • Technique shiai – appropriate for all ages and levels! (you create a flow of kicks, punches, blocks and other moves, showing your strong spirit)
  • Sparring – appropriate for Youth Advanced Green belt and up; Teens Green belt and up
  • Board Breaking – appropriate for Youth & Teens of all levels


Want to learn more? Sign up for our Intro to Karate Tournament Day Camp (ages 6-14) 

Unlike other day camps, this special one-day intensive karate camp is only open to current karate students. This camp is designed to be an introduction to participating in a Karate Tournament for kids and teens. Any kid (age 6-14) interested in participating in the June 1st Jin Sei Ryu Chicago Kid & Teens Karate Tournament is encouraged to attend.

At this special all day karate camp, kids will be introduced to all aspects of a Karate Tournament, including: kata, technique shiai or sparring (as appropriate), and board breaking. Each session will be led in a way appropriate for the maturity level of the kids present. We will divide into groups as needed to make that happen.

This camp is the equivalent of 4-5 hours of karate classes and will count towards class minimums for rank promotion. The camp runs 9am to 4pm. Drop-off begins 8:45, sessions start 9:30. Late pick-up available.  The rates are $75 Standard Rate /$85 Supporter Rate /$65 Reduced Rate . There are household pricing discounts when you sign up more than one child! Late pick-up available (extra $10 to stay through 5pm).


Tentative Schedule:

9-9:30 Opening Circle and Introduction to tournaments

9:30-10:30 Kata

10:30 snack and break

11-12 Technique shiai (All Juniors and White through Adv Blue Youth) or Tournament Sparring (Yellow+ in Youth)

12-1 lunch

1-2 Meditation, then Board breaking

2pm snack and break

2:30-3:30 Individual practice with coaching

3:30-4pm Closing circle & Debrief

4pm camp officially ends. Pick-up by 4:15

4pm-5pm – Anyone who stays through late pick-up, gets extra one-on-one time with Sensei/Senpai working karate curriculum of choice


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